Do you have a large list of leads in Excel and need to import them into Ally?

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Before proceeding, it is important to know that this import tool requires each imported file to be about leads of the same nationality for a particular consultant.

For example:

Suppose you have 2 consultants, John and Mary, and you want to import their leads into the Ally platform.
Now consider that John and Mary attend Brazilian, Mexican, and Canadian leads.

Therefore, to import your leads you will need to organize 6 different .csv files:
file one: Brazilian Leads to John
file two: Brazilian Leads to Maria
file three: Mexican Leads to John
file four: Mexican Leads to Maria
file five: Canadian Leads to John
file six: Canadian Leads to Mary

Now that you know the requirements of the tool, let's learn how to use it:

Step 1 - Access

Enter Settings > Importar LeadsĀ 

Step 2 - Download the Sample Spreadsheet

For the import to work, you need to download our template spreadsheet. To do this click on "Download Sample Spreadsheet":

The File already comes with all possible information fields to be integrated organized by columns. It is important to note that the name of these fields can not be changed.

Passo 3 - Filling the Spreadsheet

Open the downloaded file, and fill in the information you want to import, each line means a new lead as in the example below:


If the worksheet is not separated by columns as in the example, simply select the first column and click data > text in columns:

This will open another window. Click on advance first, then select the option to separate by comma and click on finish:

Then complete the information and save the changes.

Step 4 - Importing leads

To start importing, click the "Import Leads" button:

A screen will open, where you will complete all the information to perform the import.

Then click on "Choose File" and select the spreadsheet edited with the students name. Then click "Upload and Proceed":

Once this is done, a confirmation will appear that your file is correct, and how many leads are being imported. To continue click on "Confirm and Continue":

Now just complete with the information for these leads, being required the nationality, the office where these leads will be and who is responsible for those leads. Complete everything and click Import:

Passo 5 - Verifying the Leads

Your imports will be listed in the import history:

To check if it worked, go to CRM > Students and see all students there! You can also edit them, nurturing with more information if you deem it necessary!

Okay, now you already know how to import your leads into Ally!

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Great sales and a hug :)

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