Here we go! Follow these steps:

Step 1 - Access

In the sidebar menu, click on Price Lists > Schools and Courses

You will see a list with all schools in the system. The ones you added a relation will be at the top of the list. 

Now, click on the gear icon > Define Comissions

Step 2 - Adding the Commission Rule

A window will open in your Sellead. You'll can select the intended commission.

Press Select to open a list, choose the comission that you want and press Add Rule.


If you haven't created any commissions yet, click here.

Step 3 - Editing your commission preferences

After being added your commission will open below Added Commission Rules. It is possible to add as many commissions as necessary.

After added you can edit commission preferences.

1 - Define the commission percentage to offices/main office

2 - Define the commission distribution to Offices(1) and Users(2)

Click the edit button, a window will open and you can set up the desired value. Then, just click check (3).

Now, just click the Close button and it's ready. You added a commission rule to your school!

Now, every time the school you added a commission is used in a quote, you can see the commission in the quote by clicking the View my commissions button.

IMPORTANT! You can only edit users commissions if you marked the option Apply over main office commission when you created the commission rule.
If you didn't, you can only edit offices percentage.

3 - Editing Courses Commission Rules

You can also edit the commissions of courses from schools you have added a relation and a commission rule.

To do that, click on the school to see its campi, then click on the gear icon on the right side of the campus you want to edit the course commission rule.

It will open a window with all courses offered by that campus. 

Find the one you want to edit the commission percentage and click on the purple icon with a ticket. 

Define a new percentage and click yes to confirm.

Click here to learn how these commissions appear in your financial.

Done! Now you know how to add a commission to a school and its courses!

Good Sales! (:

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