In our system there is more than one way to consult your sales commissions. The deal is to give you detailed informations about this commissions.

Have you already set up your commissions rules or added a commission rule to a school or partner?

Lets go!

1 - Visualization for Consultants 

In the end of the quote, after included the Payment Plan, you can see how much you will earn in "View my Commissions"

A window will open where you will be able to consult the percentage of commission you will earn for each item sold in your quote:

This way on will know exactly how much commission money the users will earn.

2 - Visualization of the Commissions Values

Click on Financial > Commissions.

You will have two options: Total Commissions and Distributed Commissions.

  • Total Commissions: 

Here you will see a list of all commissions that were on your quotes. You will see too the user, the quote, the school/course, the total value of the quote and the commission value to the agency in this sale.  

You can use the filters to make your search easier, selecting office, user, time period, school and partner.

Obs: to search an user you need to select the office first. 

  • Distributed Commissions: 

Here you will see two diferents lists Office Commissions e User Commissions. In Office Commissions, you will have the acess to a list with all the commissions of all offices. 

Here you can use the filters too to make your search easier. In User Commissions, you will have the acess of a list with all the commissions of all users. 

Obs: To filter an user you have to select the office before.

In case of any doubts, tell us on chat!

Good Sales! (:

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