In this article you'll learn how to create one or more fees and edit their values whenever you need.

To create a fee is necessary that the school you want to add this fee has been already created or duplicated (such as it's campus and courses) from our base.

To access click on (1) Partners > (2) My fees

Step 1 – Creating the fee

You will see a list with all the fees that you have already created together with the existing ones that were duplicated with the school from our base.

If you haven't already added or duplicated a school it won't be shown. 

To create a new fee click on the "create fee" button:

Step 2 - Adding the fee information

After clicking on "Create fee" a window will open where you will complete the spaces with all the information about the fee named 1 - Add fee 

Complete with all the mandatory information and then click on the green button "Add fee" 


  • Select Partner: Select the school that this fee refers
  • You must select the currency that was previous registered for that school to avoid future problems when making a quote.

Step 3 – Adding values

Now you are going to add the values at the second screen "Add Values". 

Complete all the informations and then click on "Add Value": 

  • Choose the group that these values belongs, or choose "All countries";
  • Select the period (day, week, month..) that this fee will be charged;
  • If the values are unique values, click on that option and then in "Fixed". If they vary, complete with the quantity of periods and the respective values;
  • When you finish it all the values will be shown at the right of your window.

Step 4 – Editing fees

If you need to edit a fee you can search it by the name and click on:

  • (1) Make Mandatory: All the quotes made with these school and campus will automatically charge the fee
  • (2) Fee view: See all the informations about that fee
  • (3) Edit Values: Edit the values of that fee 
  • (4) Edit Fee: Edit the principal informations about the fee 
  • (5) Trash: Delete the fee 

Sellead's Clue:  All the fees created by your agency will be shown at the tab "My fees" in the quote window. You just need to search for the fee and then add it to the quote:

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Cool! Now you already know how to create a fee!

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Good Luck :)

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