To duplicate a school, edit values, create courses, accommodations, fees and more, it is necessary to add a relation with the School from our base to yours.

This way you can perform all the actions you need at any time with few quick steps.

Step 1 - Access

To access the screen and be able to create add a relation click on the left side of the screen in: 

(1) List of Values > (2) Schools and Courses

Step 2 - Search the school

The school you are looking for must have been created by our foundation. Then, to find the school go to the "All Schools" tab and enter the name of the school you want in the search field.

Note: If the school you want is not available in our system, just create a demand and we will add it!

Step 3 - Add a Relation

To add a relation with a school click on the green button called "add relation", next to the name of the school you want:

By clicking this button, the relation with this school will be added, and it can already be used to create quotes.

Step 4 - Other options

After adding the relation, a "gear" button will appear and you will be able to perform 3 actions:

1 - View Campuses - see the campuses that this school has (it is also possible to view these campuses by clicking on the name of the school)
2 - Duplicate School - understand how it works here
3 - Define Commissions - understand how it works here

You will know that the School is linked and is part of your base because in the "Conditions" section it will appear as "Added":

Done! Now you have a link with the school and you can perform actions such as: 

  • Duplicate school
  • Create a new Campus
  • Create courses
  • Create fees
  • Create accommodation
  • Create special rates

Note: to remove the relation in the future, just click the red "remove relation" button on the right side of the screen.

This action is recommended after a school is duplicated to prevent two equal schools from appearing in your system when creating a quote.

Hope this tutorial was useful. In case of any doubts, call us on chat! 

Good luck and good sales!

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