To duplicate a school you have to add a relation with it. If you still don't know how to add a relation with a school, click here.

To duplicate a School it must have already been added to our base. If it has not been registered yet, you can create a School yourself.

Step 1 - Search the School

In the sidebar, click Price Lists (1) > Schools and Courses (2)

Now, type the name of the school in the search field. 

Step 2 - Adding Relation with a School

Before duplicating a school from our base you need to add a relation with it. Once you have found the school you want, click on the green button labeled add relation on the right side of its name.

Click it and you will add a relation with this school. You will know it is vinculated to your base because under conditions it will appear as Added.

Now you can see some options you may perform using with the added school.

1 - View Campuses
2 -
Duplicate School
3 -
Define Commissions

Step 3 - Duplicate School

Click the option Duplicate School and you will duplicate all the information, campus, courses and values previously registered and you can change them whenever you want. To edit information click on the blue icon with a pencil in the right side of the school's name:

Note that the duplicated school will have the My School label.

We recommend removing the link from the former school after the desired changes have been made, otherwise you will have two equal schools in your course list when creating a quote. 

To do this click the red remove relation button on the right side of the school name remove the previous relation without risk of losing any information:

And Done! You duplicated a school and can edit it whenever you want!

If you want to know how to create courses, accommodations or fees, click the links.

Hope this tutorial was useful, in case of any doubts, call us on chat!

Have a nice time and good sales! 

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