Preparation before Product Launch

1. Generate Customer Email List via Facebook Ads

Use Facebook Ads to generate a list of emails to which the product can be sent during its launch.

In the ad, offer a "brand new" product at an "amazing" discount, for which only those who sign up get "exclusive, early access". Suggesting scarcity always works nicely.

Pro tip: At the same time, test different ads with different images to see which image gets the most clicks and later use that as your main product image!

2. Engage Influencers (Youtubers, Instagrammers, Bloggers, etc.) from your Niche

Get in touch with influencers to help increase the size of your mail list, usually for a one-time fixed video/image/article price. Also offer exclusive discounts.

b. Prepare Affiliate Deals

Additionally look for affiliate influencers to promote the product when it launches. The influencer can either by compensated via Amazon's Affiliate Program, or again, by a one-time fixed fee.

Pro Tip: Medium sized influencers (1000-20'000 followers) are the best target as they still enjoy a strong connection to their fans and are not too expensive. Also, it's hard to regularly produce new content - if you can offer interesting content for the product (eg. contest), you may not even have to pay for the video.

3. Content Optimization

Make sure your listing's content & keywords are fully optimized to generate as many sales from as many visitors as possible.

Pro Tip: Customers will be very aware that your product has no reviews yet. In the bulletpoints and/or description, be open and positive about the fact that your product is brand new and highlight that the launch price is offered for a limited time only.

Increase Review Rate

4. Creative Freebies / Flyers in Packages

Offer little surprises in packages and help the customer appreciate your personal touch. Ideally offer something that complements your main product, eg. a funny "hands off" sticker for a laptop.

More importantly though, include a friendly flyer offering customer support if they have any concerns. If they're satisfied, invite them to leave you feedback in creative ways:

More tips on packaging inserts can be found in this blog article (click here).

5. Amazon's
Early Reviewer Program + Vine Program

Amazon offers it's own Email Follow-up Service, designed to help sellers generate the first 5 reviews for their product.

In contrast with 3rd party email services that are likely to violate Amazon’s TOS, you can use this program without fear of account suspension.

Additionally, Amazon recently opened its Vine program to sellers (previously only available for vendors.

For brand registered FBA products with less than 30 reviews. Amazon Vine will "ask for opinions from its most trusted reviewers".

6. Provide Amazing Customer Service

In many cases it can be easier to turn a negative review into a positive one than to receive positive ones directly.

In order to react as quickly as possible to new reviews, let Sellics monitor your products, optionally receive email notifications and take the necessary action (refund, offer new product) to persuade a dissatisfied customer to hopefully change their review into a positive one.

Generate More Sales (even without good Keyword Rankings)

7. External Marketing - Social Media, Homepage, Niche Forums, etc.

Post your product in relevant Facebook groups, forums, etc. or promote it via Facebook Page Ads, Youtube Videos, etc. Offer limited time only discounts.

Of course, now also use the email lists generated before (#1).

8. Sponsored Products (PPC) - Only for the Most Relevant Keywords

Create an Exact Manual Campaign focused on your most relevant keywords. For other Kewords PPC can be very costly without reviews.


If you are selling a wooden dog house for the garden, avoid running ads with generic keywords such as "dog house". Instead, create targeted ads using long-tail keywords such as "dog house wooden outdoors", where you are targeting customers further down the conversion funnel, and therefore presenting your ad to customers who are more likely searching for what you are offering.

9. Good Old Fashioned Offline Selling

Introduce your product to people you meet in real life, and encourage them to buy it in their Amazon App!

10. Promotion Plattforms

To get even more external exposure for your product, you may want to consider using various Deals Plattforms to increase your sales velocity.

Final note:
Accumulating a minimum of 5 positive reviews should usually be enough to compete organically, so that the more expensive options of acquiring new reviews (especially Promo Platforms) can be stopped.

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