Same Weighting for Different Keyword Fields

As of October 2018, all keyword fields are weighed equally by Amazon's ranking algorithm.

Previously, the order was 1. Title, 2. Backend Searchterms, 3. Bullet Points & 4. Description. As there is no difference now, you can simply stick to this order or select your own. We would recommending placing the most important keywords in your title though, as that is the most likely to be number 1 again in any future changes.

For Amazon search purposes it has no effect to place keywords in multiple sections, although multiple entries can lead to better results for Google SEO purposes.

Title - 200 Characters (inlcuding spaces)

The product title is fully indexed for the search.

According to Amazon's Style Guides, the title should be limited to 80 - 200 characters though, depending on the product category.

Pro Tip: On mobile devices only around 70 of the title's characters will be visible, so make sure to place your most relevant keywords with the biggest selling points at the start of the title!

Backend Searchterms - 249 Bytes

Since August 2018 most product categories only allow a total of 249 Bytes accross all backend keywords.

This is explained in more detail in this article (click here).

Bulletpoints - 1000 Bytes

Theoretically 500 characters can be placed into a single bulletpoint, but only the first 1000 bytes are incexed. Also due to reasons of readability, it is therefore not recommended to surpass 200 bytes or 2 rows per bulletpoint.

Pro Tip: Mobile devices will only display 3-4 bulletpoints. Similarly to the title the strongest arguments should therefore be placed in the first 3 bulletpoints.

Description - 2000 Bytes, Limited Indexing

The Product Description should be used to offer every single information that might be relevant to customers. Additionally it can be used for Google SEO purposes by repeating the most important keywords.

Limited Indexing: A product will not be found for a single keyword that is only within the description. However, our latest tests showed the product will be found if 2 or more words from a keyword are placed close to each other within the description.

A+ Content - Not Indexed, but great for Conversion Rate

A+ Content (previously also known as "Enhanced Brand Content) is not indexed for the Amazon search. Products cannot be found via the keywords contain within these content types, including the image tags.

Should I rather use the regular product description than A+?

The regular product description will disappear if A+ is used. This fact opens up the question: Should I rather use the regular product description than A+?
Our recommendation is to use A+

The regular product description is less important for Amazon SEO as the indexation is limited (as described above). In most cases, relevant keywords can be covered just by using backend keywords, bullet points and title. A+ on the other hand offers better possibilities to increase conversion rate and is indexed by Google just as the regular product description.

Amazon Ranking Algorithm

Find out more detailed information about Amazon SEO and the Amazon Ranking Algorithm in this blog article (click here).

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