The "Optimize Keywords" function is about listing your keywords in the most optimal way possible to increase your products' organic visibility.

1. Add most important Keywords to Title

1.1 Sort Keywords by Search Volume

Keywords in the title are generally the most important, as they are the first words potential customer will see in the search results. The first step is therefore to check the keyword table for your most relevant keywords - either by the actual relevance or by search volume.

1.2 Edit title and include High Volume Keywords

Above the table, click into the title and add those top relevant words that were so far missing in the title.

If you click "save" in the buttom right, you will see that the table below will also adapt and show those keywords as contained.

This way you can work off the most important keywords and in the end copy the title to your Seller Central.

Please note: The changes are only saved for your current session. If you leave the page and come back, Sellics will pull the live content visible on Amazon again. Therefore be sure to copy all your work before leaving.

There is currently no API to sync keywords between Seller Central & Sellics.

2. Making Sure to Be Indexed for All (other) Keywords

After you have used up all of the space for your Title (and perhaps Bullets), make sure to copy the keywords in the copy template at the top to your Seller Central backend.

The template will summarize all "Relevant Keywords" that are not already within the product's title or bulletpoints, to make sure the product will can be found for all of them.

If you have keywords that don't fit your Seller Central copy template anymore, add them to your Bullet Points.

Tip: If you don't want to invest too much time, simply add a sentence in the fifth bullet along the following or similar lines:

"Other customers have also used the following words to search for this product: ...."

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