All Features Available & No Trial Limitations

During the trial phase all of the tool's functions are available to you. You can therefore test all the functions Sellics offers and make a profound decision on whether to use the tool after the trial or not.

Recommendation: Test Ranking Optimization with 2-3 Products

We recommend testing the ranking optimization with around two products.

Research as many relevant keywords as possible, then use the Optimize Keywords function and track the rankings of your most relevant keywords.

Two weeks should usually be enough to see first ranking improvements.

Which Keyword Rankings should I track?

In general you should have a feeling for your most relevant keywords, ie the ones that really fit your product. If your product is a outdoor dog house, for example, the most important keywords might be things like

dog house outdoor

outddoor dog house

dog house garden

We recommend using PPC for your products, so that you can really see which keywords work best for you. Then you can start tracking the organic rankings of the keywords which actually generate sales for you via PPC.

Test PPC Automation with 2-3 Adgroups

Using Sponsored Products (PPC) is generally the best way to increase your keyword rankings. Try out Sellics' PPC Automaton for the adgroups of the products whose rankings you optimized.

Getting Started with Sellics

How to get started with tracking your keyword rankings is explained in detail here.

Also, be sure to check our Know-How articles on Keyword, Content & PPC optimization, as well this article on how to use the "Optimize Keywords" section in your Product Dashboards.

You'll also find various other useful tips right in this Help Center, our blog or our YouTube channel.

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