Data updates within Sellics occur in different cycles for all the different features:

Profit - Live

This data is transmitted by Amazon's MWS API and is live.

Keyword Rankings - Daily

For all monitored keywords the rankings will be crawled on a daily basis for your "Monitored Products", as well as for all "Other Products".

Reviews - Daily

For all Monitored Products Sellics will crawl all reviews on Amazon daily at night.

Prices, Salesranks, Buybox status - Daily

This data is retrieved daily at night via Amazon's API for all Monitored Products.

Spy Sales - Daily

The Spy will crawl the stock levels and thus sales for all tracked products on a daily basis.

Cockpit - Product Texts (Title, Bulletpoints, Description) - Daily / After New Order

For all Monitored Products in the Cockpit and under Rankings this information is updated daily at night.

For the "Other Products", as well products in Profit and Inventory, this content will be updated as soon as Amazon's API transmits a new order.

Inventory - Daily

Inventory levels are updated live via the orders transmitted to the Profit dashbaord.

There can be minor synchronisation differences for uncompleted orders between Seller Central and Amazon's API though. The actual inventory level is transmitted via the API on a daily basis, so that these differences will constantly be corrected.

PPC Manager - Daily

The main data (ie. sales, costs & co.) is transmitted by Amazon's Advertising API on a daily basis for the day prior to today. This is also why you will never see PPC costs in the Profit dashboard when looking at "today".

More on the PPC update cycles (eg. new campaigns, bid changes) can be found here.

Product Detector - Every 3 - 6 Months

This database is usually updated (crawled) every quarter of the year.

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