Once you set up your Sellics account, you can get started with exploring the Sellics interface. 

The first thing you see is your Cockpit. It is where all your data is displayed for a quick overview of how your Amazon business is doing. This is what it looks like:

Let’s explore this a little further.

1. The Menu Bar

On top of the page is the menu bar - here you can select and explore the different features included in the Sellics software. Whenever you login, you will automatically be brought to your cockpit first. 

2. International Markets and Settings

At the end of the menu, you can find the market switcher. It lets you select between all the international markets that you connected to your Seller Central account. You can view your data and performance for all international markets from the same Sellics interface. Don’t get mixed up with the language settings - those you can find next door when clicking on the account widget and selecting ‘Account’ from the drop-down menu. 

3. Your Account Data and Insights

This is the main attraction of the cockpit. The five widgets show you data on Sales and Profits, Performance, Keyword Ranking, Reviews, and your PPC campaigns. By clicking on the table Sellics will take you straight into the feature. 

Most widgets show your data from the past 30 days - and your sales and performance data is shown live! The only exception is the Review widget, which shows your product reviews for the past 7 days. You can read more about how often Sellics updates the data in the individual features here

A little note about the Performance Table: not all of your profit information is included in the graph, so there might be slight differences. In the cockpit, you get a general overview. For more detailed information you can delve deeper into the feature by clicking on the table.

Another little note about the Keyword Ranking Index: The data you see is depicting an average of the last 30 days, rather than exact data for each day. For better clarity, you should treat this as a performance graph and do a more detailed analysis in the feature itself. 

4. Widget Management

Your cockpit is fully customizable and you can decide what data you want to see. To change the layout, click on the ‘More Widget’ tab on the left side of the screen and make your selection. You can then change the order and size of your widgets to make them fit your needs, as shown here.

5. Your Products

When you scroll down, you can see an overview of your products. Sellics automatically sorts them into Monitored Products and Other Products. Please also be aware that it can take Amazon up to 24 hours to fully upload your product after you have added it in your Seller Central. Your product can only appear in Sellics once Amazon’s upload is complete.

Monitored Products are all the products that you either (a) added to your Seller Central in the last 30 days and (b) sold in the last 30 days. Newly added products will appear here the day after you uploaded them.

Other Products are all your products that don’t fall within Monitored Products.

You can see some of your product data in the table. If you want to delve deeper and view individual product dashboards, select the dashboard image at the end of each row, marked with a red rectangle in the screenshot. 

6. Ask Customer Support

You can contact our Customer Service team whenever you have questions about the Sellics features or your account. Click on the blue icon on the bottom right corner to start chat support or have a look through our FAQs. These icons appear on all the pages of your Sellics account to ensure you can make the most of the software and get help if you get stuck.

Now that you’re a cockpit pro, share your knowledge and start adding your team members to your account.

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