What don’t we sell at Sellpy?
We do sell most items, but there are exceptions like certain defects, too low resale value – as well as safety, legal and hygiene reasons.
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At Sellpy we evaluate each item individually based on parameters like brand, type of item and condition. This results in an estimated second hand value and each item worth 5 EUR or more is put up for sale. But there are certain types of items that we are unable to sell regardless of worth – due to legal, safety or hygiene reasons which are stated in detail below. By always packing whole and clean items you increase your chances of getting as much as possible sold. Defects reduce the value of your items.

Defects that significantly reduce the value of an item and often result in it being sorted out:

  • Broken

  • Dirty

  • Pilled

  • Washed out

  • Bleached

  • Shrunken

We never sell items with any of the following defects:

  • Traces of vermin/pests (e.g. moths, fur mites)

  • Distinct smell of smoke

  • Smell of damp and/or mold

Hygiene aspect

Used underwear

Sellpy does not sell some used underwear due to hygiene reasons.

Examples of items that we only sell in new condition:

  • Panties

  • Underwear

  • Sports underwear (e.g Jockstrap)

  • Underwear set

  • Body

  • Shapewear (only applies to garment worn on lower body)

Examples of items that we do not sell in acceptable or worse condition:

  • Bikini

  • Swim diaper

  • Swimming trunks

  • Swimsuit

  • Tankini

Sex toys

Sellpy does not sell sex toys regardless of condition.

Other items that can only be sold in new condition:

  • Earplugs

  • Protective mask

  • Pacifier

  • Bottle nipple

Beauty products

Sellpy only sells beauty products if the product is in new condition. Products in new condition include items where:

  • 100% product remaining with no packaging nor seal

  • 100% product remaining with original packaging

  • 100% product remaining with sealed original packaging

Beauty products refer to:

  • all products/tools intended for cleaning, care or make-up of skin and hair

  • all products/tools intended for hygiene

  • all products/tools intended for hair removal

The beauty products category includes, among other things:


  • Face paint

  • Face glitter

  • BB-cream

  • Bronzer

  • Brow kit

  • CC-cream

  • Concealer

  • Contour kit

  • Eyeliner

  • Foundation

  • Highlighter

  • Kajal

  • Lip liner

  • Lip gloss

  • Lip mask

  • Lip scrub

  • Lipstick

  • Makeup set

  • Mascara

  • Primer

  • Powder

  • Blush

  • Setting spray

  • Eyebrow pencil

  • Eye shadow

  • Eyeshadow palette

  • Powder puff

  • Makeup brush

  • Makeup sponge


  • After shave

  • After sun

  • Moisturizer

  • Face mask

  • Facial oil

  • Peeling

  • Facial cleanser

  • Ansiktsservetter

  • Cosmetic wipes

  • Bath salt

  • Body butter

  • Body lotion

  • Self tanner

  • Day cream

  • Face mist

  • Skincare set

  • Body oil

  • Body scrub

  • Lip balm

  • Massage oil

  • Night cream

  • Pore strips

  • Serum

  • Makeup remover

  • Tanning oil

  • Sunscreen

  • Toner

  • Baby wipes

  • Eye cream

  • Eye mask

  • Shower sponge

  • Skin roller

  • Exfoliating glove

  • Wash cloth

  • Bath oil

  • Bubble bath

  • Deodorant

  • Shower cream

  • Shower oil

  • Soap bar

  • Liquid soap

  • Intimate cream

  • Intimate wash

Hair removal

  • Hair removal cream

  • Shaving cream

  • Epilator

  • Nasal hair trimmer

  • Razor blade

  • Razor

  • Straight razor

  • Shaving set

  • Eyebrow razor

Foot care

  • Foot file

  • Foot cream

  • Foot mask

Hygiene products

  • Incontinence pads

  • Menstrual cup

  • Sanitary products

Hair care

  • Conditioner

  • Hair mist

  • Hair dye

  • Hair gel

  • Hair mask

  • Hair mousse

  • Hair oil

  • Hair serum

  • Hairspray

  • Hair wax

  • Hair care set

  • Salt water spray

  • Shampoo

  • Silver shampoo

  • Dry shampoo

  • Hair volume powder

  • Volume spray

  • Heat protection

Oral care

  • Electric toothbrush

  • Mouthwash

  • Mouth spray

  • Cold sore cream

  • Teeth whitening

  • Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste

  • Dental floss

  • Tongue scraper

Other beauty products

  • False lashes

  • Eyebrow color

  • Eyebrow gel

  • Eye drops

  • Eyelash curler

  • Eyelash adhesive

  • Eyelash serum

  • Henna

  • Nail polish remover

  • Nail glue

  • Nail oil

  • Nail care

  • Nasal irrigation

  • Antiseptic

  • Press on nails

Perfumes and other body fragrances can be sold in other conditions than new.

Safety aspect


We do not allow certain items that are not in new condition due to security reasons, for example:

  • Seat belt

  • Car seat

  • Helmet

  • Smoke alarm

  • Fire extinguisher

We only allow seat belts, child car seats, helmets and fire alarms in original packaging or with the price tag still on.

Items we do not allow due to security reasons:

  • Breathalyzer

Explosives, chemicals, harmful substances

Unhealthy and dangerous items are prohibited from being sent, for example:

  • Gas container

  • Lamp oil

  • Torches, miracle candles, flares

  • Liquid-gas (LPG), kerosene and other flammable substances

  • Fire extinguishers containing tetrachlorocarbon, including glass fire extinguishers, brass extinguishers with a handle shaped like a T

  • Fireworks and pyrotechnic devices

  • An unassembled airbag, belt tensioner, gas generators for airbags and deployed airbags

Items related to weapons

It is not allowed to sell weapons or weapon-related items due to security reasons, for example:


  • Firearms, regardless of the weapon's ability to shoot, how old the weapon is or its collector value. Ammunition and firearms that are used to warn or signal (e.g. starting pistols and so-called explosive pistols)

  • Homemade firearms

  • Rifles, pistols and muzzleloaders

  • Crossbow, slingshots and blowpipes

  • Soft air gun

  • All illegal items related to firearms

Stabbing weapon

  • Knives that are classified as weapons and/or are particularly suitable for use as weapons in crimes against life and health

  • Knives with fold-out blade, e.g. stilettos and running knives

  • All stabbing weapons and knives designed so that the blade can be quickly folded or ejected from its handle

  • Knives that are camouflaged to look like harmless objects, e.g. knives that look like belt buckles, lipstick cases, pressure gauges, pens or the like


  • Ammunition

  • Loose ammunition

  • High-capacity magazines (magazines containing more than 10 rounds) and ammunition with charges (for example, gunpowder)

  • Equipment for handloading or manufacturing ammunition

Other weapons

  • Knuckles and knuckles with knife blades

  • Potato cannons

  • Karate sticks (nunchakus)

  • Bats, batons and blackjack

  • Throwing stars

  • Pepper spray, defense spray and tear gas

  • Flares and equipment for launching and receiving flares

  • All lead & metal canes, rods, crutches and sticks

  • Hand grenades or metal replicas of hand grenades

  • Decorative weapons, replicas of weapons or weapon accessories

  • Grenades, including military practice grenades, rifle grenades, dummy grenades, grenade launcher accessories and mines

  • Military weapons, munitions

Weapon accessories

  • Parts or accessories for semi-automatic firearms. It applies to all parts and accessories belonging to any type of weapon defined as semi-automatic

  • Silencers

  • Converter (items that can be used to make the weapon fully automatic)

  • Weapons as kits

  • Equipment that has been used within the army, and that they have not given up according to current rules for demilitarization

Uniforms and security services related Items

Sellpy does not sell items, uniforms or ID badges from the police, emergency services, security companies or other security-related businesses. Sales of items from other businesses that may lead to obvious security risks are also not permitted. Examples of items that may not be sold:

  • Current, or recent, police or emergency service uniforms

  • Government uniforms, civilian uniforms or parts of uniforms (for example, ties, hats, fabrics) issued within the last 10 years or still in use (from, for example, the army, fire brigade, airlines, airports, railway companies or security companies)

  • Military police badges, badges or badges from law enforcement organizations or other emergency services (such as the fire department), badges issued by national or international authorities, badges issued by private security companies and badges that are film props

  • Jackets used in raids

  • Lighting and sirens from emergency vehicles, blocking equipment

  • Equipment for controlling traffic lights

  • Copies or reproductions of police badges. Such badges infringe the copyright and trademark of the issuing authority

  • Originals, copies or imitations of nameplates, ID cards, logos, safety instructions, manuals, maps or notebooks marked as confidential (from, for example, the police, army, fire brigade, airlines, airports, railway companies or security companies)

Work clothes/official clothes

Clothing that is adapted for work (official clothes) is not allowed to be sold, for example:

  • Clothing with company logo

  • Accessories with company logo


Medicines and medical equipment

It is not permitted to sell medicines and medical equipment, for example:

  • Medicines

  • Medicines intended for animals

  • Natural remedies

  • Allergy medicine

  • Liniment

  • Nose spray

  • Eye drops

  • Contact lens solution

  • Contact lenses

  • Nicotine chewing gum

  • Nicotine patches

Medical equipment

  • Blood sugar monitor

  • Defibrillators

  • Hearing aid

  • Insulin syringe

  • Syringes and needles

  • Ovulation test kit

  • Pregnancy test

Illegal copies and fakes

It is only allowed to sell genuine items on Sellpy.


It is not permitted to sell brand copies as it is prohibited by law to encroach on the immaterial rights of other parties.

Brand copies include:

  • Any kind of copies, replicas, bootlegs or counterfeits

  • Branded copies where the item purports to be from a brand but is not manufactured by the brand itself

  • Items that do not pretend to be a specific brand, but infringe on another brand's design right or patent

  • Forged autographs purporting to be genuine

  • Copied film, image, music, games or e-books that you do not own the rights to resell

  • Unauthorized recordings of shows or concerts

Counterfeit banknotes, coins and stamps

The sale of counterfeit currency and counterfeit stamps, as well as equipment intended to manufacture these, is prohibited. It is not allowed to sell, for example:

  • Counterfeit coins and notes

  • Counterfeit bonds and securities

  • Forged money orders and money orders

Manipulated or falsified objects will not be sold unless it is clear that the object through manipulation can be considered to have a collector's value. Manipulated objects refer to, among other things:

  • Genuine stamps with fake or enhanced (filled in) stamps

  • Genuine stamps that are distorted, for example, by tampering with the perforation

  • Fake letters, for example where the letter and the stamp do not belong together

Chipped consoles and mod chips

We do not sell devices that make it possible to bypass copy protection, to launch and play backups, or to play copied games. Chipped consoles and mod chips include:

  • Chipped game consoles, modified patches or hardware modified to play backups

  • Mod chips and flash cards

  • Game Enhancer devices that are for playing imported video games

  • Backups, Betas and Bootable Disks


Disallowed brands

Brands that, for legal or other reasons, may not be sold on Sellpy:

  • Adidog

  • Doctor Fake

  • Mimo

  • Mo

  • MO

  • Mo Woman

  • Monster energy

  • McDonald's

  • Porsche

  • Studio MO

  • Thor Steinar

  • Yuka

Animals and plants related objects

On Sellpy, it is permitted to sell animal products and animal parts but under certain conditions.


CITES is an agreement that produces a list where animals and plants are ranked based on their vulnerability. CITES regulates trade in endangered species. The County Administrative Board, or the equivalent authorities in a given country, examines permits for businesses that trade in species listed in the CITES agreement. If you are going to sell products from animals that are endangered, you may need to apply for a CITES certificate or CITES permit. Local rules and regulations may apply.

CITES is divided into different annexes depending on the vulnerability of the species.

Appendix A

A-listed species are species that are endangered as a consequence of trade. These species require the most protection. It is prohibited to trade species that are listed in Annex A. There are exceptions from the prohibition. In those cases you need a CITES-permit. There are also exceptions from the requirement of CITES-permit.

Appendix B

B-listed species are species that risk endangerment if the trade is not controlled and regulated. To trade with species listed in Annex B, documents proving the legal background of the item is required. The document can for example be a copy of the import permit, documents from the purchase or from the breeder. A receipt alone is not enough. Without the documents proving the legality of the item trade is forbidden.

Appendix C

C-listed species are species that are endangered in a certain country. All species in the C-appendix are linked to an origin country. To import a species from the listed country you need a CITES-permit issued by the origin country. For internal trade in the EU and within EU-countries, permits are not mandatory.

Prohibited to sell

Allowed to sell


  • Mammals

  • Primates

  • Cetacean

  • Wildcats

  • Elephants

  • Wolves

  • Rhinos

  • Dog

  • Cat


  • Birds of prey


  • Sea turtles

  • Crocodiles

  • Lizards

  • Snakes


  • Sharks

  • Coral

  • Seahorses

  • Crustacean

Plants and seeds

  • Orchids

  • Cactus species

  • Invasive species


  • Animal traps

  • Medicines intended for animals

  • Electric & tick collars intended for animals

It is allowed to sell furs, taxidermied animals and other products made of animal origin if the species are not endangered or covered by CITES.

For example:

  • Muskrat

  • Mountain fox, arctic fox, blue or white

  • European beaver

  • Red Fox/Silver Fox

  • Persian, Karakul sheep

  • Coyote

  • Swamp beaver, nutria

  • Mink

  • Raccoon

  • Sable

If your species is not listed in the examples

If the species you are looking for is not listed in the examples above you can use the resources Speciesplus or Checklist of CITES species to see in which appendix the species is listed.

  • Speciesplus: Enter the name of the species in the search bar and press search. You can see which annex the species is listed in under the headline EU LISTING

  • Checklist of CITES species: The common name of the species is listed in the column to the right. To the left you can see the latin name and in which appendix the species is listed.

Objects that may cause offense

Objects that may cause offense

We do not allow objects that glorify violence or objects that discriminate or attack people on the basis of gender, origin, nationality, skin color, language, faith, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, for example:

  • Newly produced objects (i.e. objects that lack historical value) that can be classified as incitement against a ethnic group

  • Newly produced National Socialist objects and other newly produced extremist objects

  • Music or films that promote hatred and racism

  • Uniforms or personal belongings of concentration camp prisoners

  • All kinds of banners, pennants, armbands and flags with Nazi symbols, even if they are authentic

  • Items that inappropriately portray ethnic groups

Pornographic material

We do not allow items that contain pornographic or soft pornographic material, such as:

  • Soft porn or hard porn depicted in e.g. films and in photographs

  • Objects where the product is presented using sexually suggestive images or descriptions and where the product is not the main focus

  • Material depicting human genitalia in a sexually suggestive manner

Alcohol, drugs and tobacco-related goods

Alcohol, drugs and tobacco-related goods

We do not allow alcohol, cigarettes, snuff or other smokeless tobacco regardless of whether the tobacco is usable or not, for example:

  • Flavored tobacco

  • Cigarettes and snuff

  • Packaging containing alcohol

  • E-cigarettes

  • Hookah

Drugs and drug-related items

It is not permitted to send drugs or drug paraphernalia, this includes items intended to be used in manufacturing, to conceal or to use a drug-classified preparation, for example:

  • Bongs, vaporizers and chillums

  • Rolled paper with steel wire

  • Smoking devices primarily intended for smoking cannabis or other smokable drugs

Personal data and ID document

Catalogs, information, Internet addresses (URL) and personal data

It is not permitted to sell catalogs, lists or other documents or media that contain addresses of manufacturers, retailers, or suppliers from whom a buyer may purchase directly.

National ID cards and identity documents

Items that look like or appear to be official identification documents or permits issued by authorities are not permitted, for example:

  • Birth certificates, driver's license, ID card or passport

  • Counterfeit ID cards and any equipment used to make such cards

  • Documents that allow the holder to misuse titles (e.g. academic & official titles), including professional titles (e.g. doctor and lawyer)

  • Bank card reader

Vehicles and vehicle parts

Vehicle parts and certificates for vehicle parts

Certificates for vehicle parts may not be sold separately, i.e. without the vehicle part. Vehicle parts may only be sold if it is clear how the vehicle's function and driving condition are affected by the part being fitted:

License & registration plates

It is not allowed to sell license plates.


It is not permitted to sell consumables that are not in new condition, for example:

  • Candles

  • Modeling clay

  • Glow sticks

  • Ink cartridge

  • Disposable product

Stolen items

Stolen items

Stolen items are completely prohibited and if stolen items are suspected, we will report the seller to the police.


Selling food on Sellpy is not permitted. Food refers to items that are intended to be eaten or drunk. This applies to both processed and unprocessed goods, for example:

  • Coffee

  • Protein powder

  • Food

  • Beverages

  • Food for pets

  • Supplements

  • Chewing gum


Certain electronic equipment

Certain electronic equipment, including equipment that is illegal (for example, certain scanners, radio equipment and radar detectors), is not permitted. For example:

  • Card splitters, blockers, DSS emulators, programmed smart cards, smart card programmers, and similar products designed to bypass encrypted shipments

  • FM transmitters. FM transmitters that transmit at a frequency of 87.5 - 108 MHz and with a transmitter power of not more than 50 nW (nanowatts) are allowed

  • Laser pointers with a power of more than 1mW

  • Radar and laser warning devices

  • Scanners or radio receivers that can receive cell phone signals or have an unauthorized frequency range

  • Interference transmitter for e.g. mobile signals

  • USB memory and memory cards with incorrect or modified capacity markings

Software and electronic media

We do not sell backup copies of software, OEM software or unauthorized copies of software, for example:

  • Academic software may only be sold by authorized resellers of educational materials, educational institutions or teachers' bodies

  • Beta, test, or review copies and preview versions of software

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) software is software that comes with the purchase of a new computer. OEM software or software included in a package of hardware is not offered if it is not sold with complete and functional hardware

  • Software, free programs and recording devices, e.g. CD-R


Body parts or human waste

It is not permitted to human bodies, parts of the human body or human waste.

Gift cards

We do not sell gift cards, for example:

  • Gift vouchers issued by private individuals

  • Gift cards issued by companies

  • Gift card issued to test a service (test-on-discount)

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