Creating a GitHub Social Circle lets you see who you collaborate with most on a repository:

A screenshot of a GitHub Social Circle. On the right, it has a circular image of a person (who is the logged-in user) and it is surrounded by three circles of small circles of images of people representing their closest collaborators on that repository. The mouse is hovering over one of the small circles and it says . There is text on the left that says:

Right now, you can only generate GitHub Social Circles for public repositories.

GitHub Social Circle for private repositories is coming soon. Stay tuned! 👀

If you're new here, welcome! Make sure to check out Setting up your Sema Account before getting started.

How to view GitHub Social Circle for a repository

You can create a GitHub Social Circle for any public repository on your account.

Thanks to GitHub Sync, all of your repositories from GitHub will be imported to the Sema platform automatically.

Step 1: Find your repository on the Sema platform

Click Repos in the navigation bar.

A screenshot of the Sema application with an arrow pointing towards Repos in the navigation bar.

Click on the repository where you would like to see your GitHub Social Circle. You can search using the search bar if you have many repositories.

Step 2: View your GitHub Social Circle

You should be able to see the GitHub Social Circle on the individual repository page.

A screenshot with the same GitHub Social Circle from the first image on this page. This time we are highlighting the Download and Copy Link icons and also the icons to share on social media for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. They are underneath the text that explains what the GitHub Social Circle is.

Isn't it beautiful? If you like, you can download the image or share it directly to Twitter. Tag your closest collaborators, so that they can see it too 🤩 . We'd love you to tag us, too!

If you can't see your GitHub Social Circle, it means that the GitHub Sync process is still running in the background. In this scenario, you'll see a banner to let you know that your GitHub Social Circle is being generated:

A screenshot of the Repos page, this time with a green banner with text

How we calculate your interactions

We generate your GitHub Social Circle based on interactions on Pull Requests (PRs) within the repository.

By interactions, we mean things like:

  • Code reviews on each other's PRs (both ways)

  • Approving or asking for changes on each other's PRs

  • Replying to each other's comments

What's next?

We would love to see what your GitHub Social Circles look like. Tag us on Twitter or share them with us in our Discord community.

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