We have made a number of curriculum and schedule adjustments for our residential MDiv and MAR programs, which will go into effect in academic year 2021-22. We’ve listed them out below with a brief explanation for the changes.

Curriculum Changes

ST 101 & ST 113: 2 → 3 credits

We’ve added an additional credit to both Introduction to Systematic Theology (ST 101) and Doctrine of God (ST 113) to allow for deeper reflection on biblical and theological foundations.

NT 101 & NT 103 → NT 111

Our NT introduction content was split between two separate courses (NT 101 and NT 103). These are now combined to a single three-credit class: NT 111 - New Testament Introduction. This course will be taught in the fall by Dr. Briones and in the spring by Dr. Crowe.

NT 311: 2 → 3 credits

Hebrews to Revelation (NT 311) increases to three credit hours. The credit hour was moved from Greek (see below) to embed an enhanced exegetical component within NT 311. Dr. Crowe will continue to co-teach this course with Dr. Poythress.

ST 313: 4 → 3 credits

Doctrine of Salvation (ST 313) decreases one credit, since sacraments are integrated in Doctrine of the Church (ST 343).

Greek 1-3: Each level of Greek is now 3 credits (already in-effect, 2020-21)

We’ve moved one credit out of Greek, so that we can standardize our Greek track to three, three-credit classes (just like Hebrew), rather than two separate tracks with different credit allotments. That extra NT credit moves to Hebrew and Revelation (NT 311).


What happens if I already took NT 101, but not NT 103?

We are planning a version of NT 103 this fall for the students who need this course. Another option would be to take the newly combined NT 111 course in the fall or spring at 3 credits.

If I have an extra credit now, will my degree go over 111 credits?

No. If you were previously, for instance, in ST 313 Doctrine of Salvation (at 4 credits) but you hadn’t yet taken NT 311 Hebrews to Revelation (now 3 credits), you would have an additional credit hour under your core required courses. That extra credit would then be subtracted from your required elective credits to retain the 111 credit total for the MDiv.

Did the MDiv just become 112 credits?

If you add up all the credit increases and subtract the decreases, you do come out with +1 credit hours. To keep the MDiv at 111 credits, the required elective amount is now 10 credits for the MDiv General Ministries and 2 credits for MDiv Pastoral Ministry.

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