Welcome to Serenade, where you can recreate the record-store experience for your fans, with all the advantages of digital media. Here, artists can release two kinds of products: Digital Pressings and Digital Collectibles. Put simply, digital pressings are a new, standardised music format for either current or archival releases. Meanwhile, digital collectibles represent all the other exciting ways that you as an artist can express yourself – think artwork, experiences, digital merch and more. So, get creative, as you explore the possibilities, taking your fans on the journey with you and growing your audience along the way.

So, what is a digital pressing?

The revolutionary innovation that we at Serenade are so proud of is the chart-accredited ‘Digital Pressing’. This streamlined format makes it easy for artists to create a new revenue stream, unlock creative possibilities and connect with fans on a deeper level. Using leading-edge NFT technology, Digital Pressings mean that your work is not only highly secure and irreplicable but also highly collectible and eco-friendly as well. That’s how we’ve reinvented the record, by creating a musical format unlike anything seen – or heard – before.

What’s actually included in a digital pressing?

  • Simple asset of audio and artwork

  • A limited press run in set edition sizes

  • A selection of chart-eligible bonus material

  • On-chain royalties

  • A Collectors Module

Why can't I upload a full-length MP4 as the cover art for my Digital Pressing?

While we’re excited to bring greater creative freedom to the way artists express themselves, we want to make releasing and enjoying a Digital Pressing on our platform as simple as possible. That’s why we encourage you to approach the music and the art attached to it just as you have in the past, without complicating the cover for yourself or your fans with full-length MP4s.

The format choices that are available for your cover art are PNG and JPEG.

What is a digital collectible?

Collectibles open up a wider range of creative opportunities than our music-focused Digital Pressings, incorporating unique artworks, videos and more. So, get creative!

As an artist, we encourage you to release a Digital Pressing before you release any Digital Collectibles, as your music is the best way for you to introduce yourself to your audience. Once you’ve seen success with a Pressing, why not experiment with a merch drop between releases? We wouldn’t recommend releasing merch and Pressings at the same time, though… this is a brave new world for your fans, so keep things simple.

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