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What can I create on Serenade?
What can I create on Serenade?

This article discusses Serenade's core product innovation, the Digital Pressing, detailing its features and its benefits

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A simple format for a deeper fan experience

On Serenade, artists are empowered to create the Digital Pressing - a new chart, accredited music format.

Digital Pressings are the modern day limited edition vinyl. They are musical releases produced in scarce numbers, with premium bonus content and recognition of the fans who back them.

Digital Pressings are made by artists who want to give their music a deeper visual identity and fan experience.

So what is in a Digital Pressing?

Like vinyl, cassettes, CDs and digital downloads before them, the core asset of the Digital Pressing is simply the music and the artwork. However, as a Web3 product it comes with some unique features;

  • A limited press run in set edition sizes

  • A selection of unlockable bonus material

  • A record of First Owners

  • On-chain royalties

What bonus material can I include?

You are entitled to include whatever bonus material you think would help tell a deeper, more engaging story around your music release, as long as it conforms to the file type and size restrictions defined in our article How do I create Digital Pressings?

If you would like your Digital Pressing to be chart accredited, you will be restricted with what you can add as bonus material depending on the type of release (single, EP, Album), and the geography of chart accreditation.

For more information please refer to our Rewards Section & Chart Eligibility guide, or consult your national chart accreditation body.

Why should I create a Digital Pressing?

Digital Pressings include the following pieces that each individually, and collectively, bring fans joy.

  • Ownership of a Limited Edition Pressing

    • Fans love to own music. Did you know that US Vinyl sales surged 154% between 2021-22?

  • Exclusive Access to Unlockable Rewards

    • Build closer relationships with your fans by letting them in on a deeper narrative around your release

  • Recognition on the First Owners List

    • Acknowledge fans for their support and bring their passionate selves into the legacy of your work

  • Ability to Play Album, EP or Single Audio

    • Give fans what they came for - your music

  • Connection Between You and your Fans

    • Written immutably onto the blockchain, the artist-fan link that forms through your Digital Pressing has a shelf-life that extends far beyond even the best maintained record collection.

Better yet, alongside offering a more expansive creative canvas for your releases, Digital Pressings have many practical perks;

  • No up-front costs

    • Artist accounts are free and it costs nothing to create your Digital Pressing so you can focus on what matters most - creating awesome experiences for your more supportive fans

  • No shipping or fulfilment admin

    • We front the cost of manufacturing, hosting, distributing, and transferring Digital Pressings. No dead stock, no break-even margins, no international shipping complications, and no costly re-calls. You just have to make cool shit for your biggest supporters - how it should be!

  • Great margins and recurring revenue

    • You receive 70% of the primary sale and 15% on secondary sales in perpetuity*. If only this applied to every band tee we bought on eBay over the years

  • Simple to create

    • Think of it as a numbered limited edition deluxe vinyl. Same core music, same core artwork, with some bonus content from existing materials you already have, but can’t practically release in physical formats.

  • Content rich, but carbon light

    • Music culture has a long history of supporting social movements and climate change is no different. Give the 76% of music fans who expect more climate action from the music industry, a more sustainable way of supporting your work

*secondary markets are sneaky things, and they don’t always honour royalties. We do our best to ensure you get paid in perpetuity by linking to OpenSea, who we have a relationship with, but this isn’t always a given.

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