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Commercials, Security and Getting Paid
Commercials, Security and Getting Paid

This article discusses commercials, security, and how to provide bank details

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Q1: What happens to my Digital Pressings after I sell them?

When a fan buys your Digital Pressing, it is deposited in their Gallery, or online record collection, that captures all the wonderful tunes the fan has selected. This Gallery is connected to a digital wallet that holds the Digital Pressings safely, but we do all of this fancy technical stuff behind the scenes so fans can just spend their time on Serenade thinking musical thoughts.

Owners can transfer their Digital Pressings off-platform to any other web3-enabled product to sell or display that work. Your original royalty will be honoured in all marketplaces that support your smart contract, meaning the opportunity for more payments long into the future.

Q2: Do I still own the intellectual property of my work after I sell my Digital Pressings?

Of course! Serenade is a place for selling digital collectibles, not copyright. Artist teams retain full ownership over their intellectual property.

Q3: Can I delete or change my work after creating and selling it?

Like selling a CD at a gig, once a Digital Pressing is in a fan’s hands, it’s out of your control. Once created, Digital Pressings are here to stay.

Q4: How secure are the digital collectibles I release through Serenade?

Very. Your works are securely stored on the Polygon blockchain. The transaction history of each collectible is immutable, with ownership staying publicly visible and verifiable. The metadata for your NFTs are also stored on IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System), a decentralised storage provider which means that, in the unlikely event that Serenade crashes and burns, your NFTs will always be visible. So, you can sleep easy knowing your art will be protected, forever.

Q5: How are the rights associated with my Digital Pressings managed?

As the creator of a Digital Pressing, it’s your responsibility to obtain clearance of all rights, including the rights of any third-party contributors, owners or copyright holders.

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