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Tackling Misinformation: A Guide
Tackling Misinformation: A Guide

This article discusses common areas of misinformation and how Serenade is designed to respond to these challenges

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One of the many benefits of creating Digital Pressings on Serenade is that each edition comes with an NFT that proves ownership by that owner.

With the amount of media attention driven towards NFTs over the last few years, you will inevitably have some fans who are misinformed. Thankfully, we’ve designed our platform and product in a way to perfectly respond to the major problems/concerns fans might have with this technology.

Below is a selection of common questions asked by fans, with some context around how Serenade is designed to respond to them.

What about the environmental impact?

Serenade uses an eco-friendly blockchain so that each of their Digital Pressings have a nominal carbon footprint. To put it in perspective you would have to create;

  • 1.3 million Digital Pressings on Serenade have the same carbon footprint as a single 12” vinyl

  • 1.5 million Digital Pressings on Serenade have the same carbon footprint as a single takeaway latte

  • 1.3 million Digital Pressings on Serenade have the same carbon footprint as a single pint of beer

  • 50 Digital Pressings on Serenade have the same carbon footprint as a single tweet

Haven’t I seen negative stories about NFTs?

As with any new technology, it can attract the occasional bad actor and unfortunately these tend to generate more stories than the positive fan experiences. But NFT is simply the underlying technology that allows us to create the Digital Pressing format. The music and the fan journey that surrounds it is an elevated experience to that found through traditional release mechanisms. Web3 technology allows for the same verifiable ownership of physical, but it allows for greater creative freedom in the story that you tell through it.

Isn’t it all a bit complicated?

Thankfully you don’t need to understand cryptocurrencies or blockchains with Serenade. You can purchase with a credit card and forget about all the blockchain nonsense - we handle all of that in the background for you. The vast majority of purchases on Serenade are through credit or debit cards, although we do cater for cryptocurrency transactions, speaking to the interest of mainstream fans for this simple but exciting new format

Why couldn’t you just release it on vinyl?

There are a lot of reasons for releasing music as a Digital Pressing over traditional formats like vinyl;

  • Releasing vinyl is expensive and risky. Sometimes you don’t even break even with physical formats. The Digital Pressing is free to create and has much better margins and so it’s a better way to support me

  • Digital Pressings expand the options for more environmentally sustainable releases. You’d need to create 1.3 million Digital Pressings to have the same carbon footprint of a single 12” vinyl.

  • Streaming is an artist’s only perpetual income stream, and as we know they don’t pay much. Digital Pressings offer a far larger payment per sale, plus a percentage of the revenue generated each time it is traded in perpetuity, helping to build a more sustainable music business.

  • Existing retailers don’t let artists know much about their most supportive fans. With Digital Pressings, it’s possible to put a name to a number and learn more about the people who help us continue doing what we love.

  • Traditional release formats restrict creativity. Digital Pressings offer the opportunity to give fans a more engaging story around music releases, for the same price as physical

For more information on the Why please refer to our FAQs article How do I communicate my Digital Pressings to fans?

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