You can track your wages by enabling them on the Settings Page. They are disabled by default and part of the Premium features. Once you enable the wage field it will display on the Tips page and be added in the totals on your charts.

The app does not include any wage information to start with. The bottom number on each day of the calendar is your average hourly earnings. This is calculated by dividing your total by the hours you worked.

To enable hourly wage:

  1. Click the More tab

  2. Select the Settings item

  3. Click the item labeled Track Hourly Wage, this will open a new screen.

  4. Click the slider next to "Track Hourly Wage" to enable it

  5. Enter your hourly wage in the next field.

  6. Click the save button

  7. This will also ask you if you would like to update all of your existing Tips with this wage. Select Yes or No.

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