Want an entire picture of your income? Add you paycheck. This entry works the same as a tip with a few exceptions:

  1. If setup you can select the Job from which you received the paycheck (optional).

  2. Only the Tips or Cash/Credit, Hours and Notes are enabled.

  3. Please keep in mind If you're tracking your hourly wage this will result in double counting your wages.

  4. You can put in 0 for the hours as most of you are already tracking your hours worked on your daily entries.

There's also new filter to show only Paychecks, Tips, or both Paychecks and Tips together. The filter applies to all screens. The filter is the funnel icon in the top right corner of each screen.

When using the paycheck feature there are a couple ways to make sure you're not double counting your earnings.

1. Track your take home daily and your full paycheck. Make sure you only track what you go home with daily. You can add all of your Taxes and other deductions with Expenses. Enter 0 for hours on your paycheck. This is the most accurate for when you take home money, however it doesn't help you know which days are more profitable.

2. Track your total earnings daily. This would include wages and everything else that you earn, even if its on your paycheck. Track your Taxes and other deductions on your paycheck with Expenses. Enter 0 for earnings and hours on your paycheck. This way is more accurate for tracking earnings per day.

If you have any questions please open a chat with me.

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