Your data is securely located on our servers. It is never technically on your phone. This has many advantages:

  1. Your data is never lost as long as you login with the correct account.

  2. You can login to multiple devices to view your data, just like modern apps, i.e. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

  3. When you switch phones there's no need to backup and restore your data.

NOTE: The app doesn't validate your email. It only checks that it looks like an email.

One of the first reasons I built this app is my experience with another well-known Tip Tracker app which saves your tips on the Phone. So when you lose, damage or get a new phone guess what? Your tips are gone. Yes.. yes.. there is a backup and restore process.

Seriously? Who does backups anymore? When's the last time a modern app asked you to backup your data?

**If you need a password reset, it asks for your account's email and sends a reset request to that email. If you've given a bogus email there's no way on your own to get a new password. Contact me in the in App Chat or from's chat and I'll help you identify your account to reset your password.

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