The charts on the Compare page allows you to compare any Job, Position, Shift or Section.  Combined with the Filter feature you can do powerful comparisons. For example you could compare jobs, and filter for a certain position, ie If you work at 2 different Jobs and are a bartender at each, you can select Jobs to compare, and filter for your position named Bartender.

There are 3 buttons at the top of the screen, Compare, Filter, Display

  1. The Compare button allows you to change what you compare: any Job, Position, Shift or Section

  2. The Filter button allows you to change the filter: this allows you to filter any other Job, Position, Shift or Section to one.

  3. The Display button allows you to change the values displayed in the Charts. The list of fields are determined by what options you have enabled.

The 3 charts will compare the items you've selected in the Compare displaying the Values from the field displayed in the Display button. The 3 charts are for the current week, month and year.

You can change the date range displayed by clicking on the left or right arrows to go to the previous or next date range. For example if you click the left arrow in the top chart the data will refresh showing the previous week. If you click the right arrow it'll show the next week. You can also click the Title to open a Date selector.

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