We've made some awesome updates to the Totals tab (previously named history)

We've added several new timeframes to choose from. To select the new time frames just tap the Date range on top or the specific timeframe button below that. Once you've selected the new date range, tap the Save button in the top right of the screen.

Here are the new timeframes you can choose from

  1. Week - Last 7 Days, This Week, Last Week.

  2. Pay - Last 2 Weeks, Semi Monthly

  3. Month - Past 28 Days, This Month, Last Month

  4. Year - Last 12 Months, This Year, Last calendar year

  5. Custom - Any date range you desire.

You can also compare a previous timeframe with each of these with the premium features. This applies to all tabs except the compare tab.

There is a new To Date tab, which shows a cumulative totals for the period you've chosen.

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