Before you begin, be sure you've created a security role for ServicePulse by following the instructions here.

ServicePulse connects to your ConnectWise Manage system via the REST API and API Members configured in your system.  The API Member is specifically configured for ServicePulse and secured via a security role to ensure we can only access the necessary information in your system and nothing more.

To create an API Member, follow the instructions below.  You must have Administrative privileges in ConnectWise Manage to perform this setup.

1. In your ConnectWise Manage system go to 'System' -> 'Members'

2. Click the 'API Members' tab at the top of the window.

3. Click the '+' to create a new API Member.

4. You will be taken to the below screen where you will need to fill in the required fields.

Member ID:  We recommend this be servicepulseAPI
Member Name:  We recommend this be servicepulseAPI
Time Zone:  Select your timezone
Role ID:  Select the security role you created for ServicePulse.
Location, Level, Business Unit, Name, and Default Territory should all be selected to enable access to ticket information.  Be sure this selection will allow us access to the boards you would like analyzed.
Service Defaults (Default Board, Restrict Board Access) do not need to be selected.

5. Once the settings are complete click 'Save'.

6. After the page refreshes, click the 'API Keys' tab at the top.

7. Click the '+' to create a new API key.

8. On the screen below, enter a description for this key.  We recommend a date and the person who generated the key.  Click 'Save' to generate the key.

9. Make a secure note of the Public Key and Private key.  These are required to configure ServicePulse.  We recommend a password locker for these keys.  Please also be aware that once you leave this screen, you'll never be able to see these keys again.

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