Viewing Nearby / Other Techs' Jobs

View nearby Appointments assigned to other techs by toggling on the Nearby Jobs toggle in your preferences pane.

Selecting Appointment Type

Choose what type of Appointment you're searching for by tapping the corresponding button at the top of the Appointments view. You can choose from Scheduled, Unscheduled or Completed.

Job View

You'll find everything you need right there on the screen when you open an appointment. Simply swipe up with your finger to view anything associated with the current Job such as Services, Paperwork, etc., or swipe left to view the Technicians currently assigned to the Job.

Selecting Clock-Event Type

You can now select what type of Clock In you want simply by swiping left / right with your finger. This can be done straight from the Job view, or by tapping on the colored area near the bottom of your screen to open the Log Time view.

Uploading Attachments

With our new mobile app, you can choose what purpose your attachment should be categorized as by tapping the Attachment Purpose field and choosing from the list. This helps keep your attachments organized for both technicians and office employees to easily keep track of photos, documents, etc.

Pending Sync

There is no longer a separate area to show any items that are Pending Sync. When you see this icon appear, it means that the item has not yet synced to the ServiceTrade server. Once you enter an area with good cellular or WIFI service, these items will automatically sync to ServiceTrade on their own.

Why can I see estimated prices?

The ability to view estimated prices is a feature of the new mobile app. If you don't wish for these to be viewable for any of your Users, you'll want to remove the "See Estimated Job Prices" Activity from their Role. To learn how to create / edit custom Roles for your Users, click here.


A brief tutorial video on the new app can be found here.

For further troubleshooting, check out are mobile support articles on

If you'd like complete training and instructions for running a full Job in the mobile app, consider enrolling in one of our Certification Courses.

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