How to Share an Asset

How to share Assets with other Users and Teams.

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Sharing is caring. Bring your Brand to life by sharing Assets with others.

The Assets you have loaded into Sesimi are created by you and only visible to you until you have shared them with other Users or Teams.

Because you're the Asset creator, you can control what level of access is given to any User or Team you share that Asset with by modifying the Asset’s Share Settings.

Sharing a single Asset:

  1. Once you’ve selected your Asset, click the Access tab within the Asset window.

  2. Select who you want to share the Asset with. This can be a current User in the platform or an existing Team.

  3. Select the Permission level from the drop-down window. To understand more about Share Settings, read this article.

  4. If you wish to restrict access to your Asset within a specific time period, select Scheduled from the drop-down menu and then select the date range to apply to the Asset.

  5. When you’ve selected your dates, click Submit date.

  6. When you're happy with your new Share Settings for this user, select Share and they will receive an email notification telling them they've had an Asset shared with them in Sesimi, with a direct link to the Asset.

    Note: If the User is already logged into Sesimi at the time of sharing, they'll need to log out and log back in again to view the Asset.

Sharing multiple Assets:

  1. At the top of your Asset library, click the Multi-select button

  2. If you only wish to select some of the Assets, click the checkbox in the top right-hand corner of each Asset you want to share (you can do this across multiple pages) or click Select all to select everything that's on the page you're currently viewing.

  3. Click on Edit next to the Multi-select button. This opens the Asset edit form showing all the Assets you selected.

  4. Select the Access tab and follow the steps as described for Sharing single Assets above.

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