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Powerful sorting tools that make it easier to find your Assets in Sesimi.

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A little time invested now to get your tags and categories right pays big dividends when you go back to hunt for Assets later.

Logical and intuitive naming, grouping, and details not only helps you, it also helps others get to the right Asset fast.

Tagging & Categorising a single Asset

In order to Tag or Categorise an Asset, you must have either Full Access or Edit rights to that Asset or must be the Creator (this happens when you upload an asset).

Here's how to do it:

  1. Select the Asset and click on the Details tab.

  2. Click on the Pencil icon (top right of the details tab). This will display editable information fields.

  3. Add or update the Tags and Categories section.

  4. Click Save.

    Note: If you add or edit Tags, they must be separated by a comma.

Tag and categorise an asset

Tagging and Categorising multiple Assets.

  1. At the top of your Asset library, click the Multi-select button.

  2. If you want to select all the Assets, click on Select-all (next to the Multi-select button).
    If you prefer to select relevant Assets, click the checkbox in the top right-hand corner of each Asset you want to make changes to.

  3. Click on Edit next to the Multi-select button. This opens the Asset details form showing all the Assets you selected.

    Tag and categorise multiple assets

  4. Add or update the Tags and Categories section.
    Note: the details you add here will apply to all the Assets you selected

  5. Click Save.

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