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How to approve an Asset for Downloading
How to approve an Asset for Downloading

How to give request access and approval to download assets.

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When people share Assets, it makes great content possible!

Assets can be shared with Users to View Only or to Edit and Export and create on-brand content. Here is how Users can request and grant access to Assets for Download.

How to request Asset Approval

Users with View Only access are only able to look at the Asset. If they want to download it, they will need to request approval.

The View Only user (shown below as Jackie Roberts) clicks on an Asset that has been shared and decides that she would like to download it.

  1. Jackie clicks on Request approval.

  2. An Approval Request for the Asset is generated and informs the Approver, John Gee. A Pending status is shown in the Approval section.

  3. If required, Jackie can enter a comment to the Approver explaining why the access is required. The comment is recorded when she clicks Post.

    How to provide Asset Approval

  4. As the Asset’s Approver, John Gee receives an email for an approval request. By clicking on the link in the email he is taken to the Approval page of that Asset.

  5. To grant access, John reviews Jackie’s request and clicks Approve.

  6. If required, John can reply with a comment and clicking Post.

  7. Jackie receives the Approval Request email informing her of the granted access.

  8. On the Asset page, Jackie sees that her Request has been Approved and that she can now directly download the Asset for her own use.

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