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Using Assets that have terms & conditions.
Using Assets that have terms & conditions.

Assets with terms & conditions need special attention.

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T&Cs on Assets need to be understood before you can use them. It's all about protection!

If you want to use an Asset that has T&Cs, you'll need to accept them before you can export the Asset from Sesimi.

Here's how to do that:

  1. From your Asset Library, select the Asset(s) you wish to use.

  2. Under the Export tab, you will see a check box to click if you want to accept the terms & conditions without review.

  3. To review the terms & conditions, click on the text link.

  4. This opens a window showing the terms & conditions. If you wish to proceed, you can click Accept from within this window.

  5. Once you have accepted the terms & conditions, the Download button becomes active and you can export the Asset for use.

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