Updating Assets in Bulk.

How to make changes to multiple assets using a .csv file.

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Need to modify a number of Assets fast? A .csv file is your friend!

Note: Only Administrators can Update Assets in Bulk.

If you want to update a range of items in your Asset Library in one single pass, then the best way is to do that via changes to a .csv file, using Sesimi's bulk update feature.

Note: this feature is limited ONLY to the following Asset fields:

  • Asset Name

  • Tags

  • Terms Expiry

  • Details of Terms

  • Data Records

  • Categories

  • Notes

  • Description

    Here's how you do it:

  1. First of all, you need to download a .csv file of the Asset Library, so you can make the relevant changes. Click on your profile icon (top right) and select Settings.

  2. Select the Account tab.

  3. Alongside Bulk asset actions, select Export. This will trigger a window advising you that Sesimi will be sending you a .csv file of the Asset Library to your email address. Select Export csv.

  4. Go to your email address and check for an email from Sesimi - subject: 'Sesimi bulk asset export'. Click on the Download button to download the .csv file to your computer

  5. When you open the .csv file, you are ONLY able to change the following fields:

    • (Asset Name)
    • (Tags)
    • (Terms Expiry)
    Note: Must be in UTC format (e.g. 2023-09-25T14:00:00.000Z)
    • (Details of Terms)
    • (Data Records)
    • (Categories
    • (Notes)
    • (Description)

    Note: Once you have made your changes, you must delete the following columns before you upload your updated csv file:

    • Type
    • File Name
    • URL
    • Format
    • File Size
    • Permissions

  6. After you have added information to fields and deleted the columns as shown above, save your .csv file, then return to the Account tab in the Settings window in Sesimi. Alongside Bulk asset actions, select Upload to upload your revised .csv file. This will trigger a window allowing you to choose the revised file on your computer.

  7. Once uploaded, Sesimi will then apply your new data against the Assets you selected in the .csv file.

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