Activating AI Tagging.

Upload an Asset and let AI do the heavy lifting with tagging. How easy's that!

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Tagging can be a big job - but not any more with the power of AI on your side!

Note: As this is a fee based feature, only Sesimi can activate AI Tagging on your Sesimi account. If you would like AI Tagging activated, please contact your organisation's Sesimi Administrator and ask them to speak with a Sesimi Customer Success Manager.

Note: AI Tagging applies only to new Assets you upload - it cannot be applied to existing Assets in your library.

Note: AI Tagging only applies to Image Assets (not to Video or HTML Assets).

Sesimi's AI Tagging feature makes it easy to automatically generate tags for Assets that you upload - and with more tags, you'll be able to find those Assets even faster!

Here's how it works:

  1. Click on your profile icon (top right) and select Settings.

  2. Select the Account tab

  3. Alongside AI tags, select Enabled

  4. Now when you return to your Asset Library, whenever you upload a new image or multiple images Sesimi's AI plug in scans the image(s) and automatically adds a range of AI Tags to the new Asset(s).

  5. These AI tags are located beneath the regular Tags field in the Asset Details panel. All these AI tags are searchable to help you locate this Asset in the future.

    Note: Users can Add/Delete/Modify Tags in the 'regular' Tags field, but are not able to modify Add/Delete/Modify AI tags.

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