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Choose CMYK or RGB for Your PDF Assets
Choose CMYK or RGB for Your PDF Assets

How to toggle between CMYK and RGB modes for PDF creation and export, optimising designs for either digital or print media.

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With Sesimi, you have the option to select CMYK or RGB colour modes when creating and exporting PDF assets. This addition empowers you to optimise your creations for both digital and print mediums, enhancing design capabilities.

How to Choose CMYK or RGB When Exporting a PDF Asset from the Platform

Whether you're exporting an existing PDF or creating a new one from scratch, Sesimi gives you the flexibility to choose between CMYK and RGB colour modes.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Select Your Template: Begin by choosing a template from Sesimi's extensive library of professionally designed layouts.

  2. Choose Your Colour Mode: Under Format, open the Advanced options. Select the desired colour mode – RGB or CMYK – based on your intended use. Whether it's a vibrant digital advertisement or a crisp print brochure, Sesimi has you covered.

  3. Design with Precision: Create your masterpiece using our intuitive editing tools, knowing that you can seamlessly transition between RGB and CMYK colour modes as needed.

  4. Download with Confidence: When you're ready to export your design, click 'Download' and your design will export as a high-quality .pdf file in your chosen colour mode. Rest assured that your colours will remain true to your vision, whether viewed on screen or in print.

​Understanding the Difference: CMYK vs. RGB

Now that you know how to choose between CMYK and RGB colour modes in Sesimi, let's explore why this distinction is crucial in the world of marketing and advertising.

RGB (Red, Green, Blue):

  • Ideal for digital displays such as computer monitors, televisions, and mobile devices.

  • Achieves a wide spectrum of colours by combining varying intensities of red, green, and blue light.

  • Best suited for web graphics, social media content, and digital advertisements.

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black):

  • Standard colour mode for print materials, ensuring accurate colour reproduction across various printing processes.

  • Creates colours by subtracting varying percentages of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink from a white background.

  • Essential for designs destined for brochures, flyers, business cards, and other printed materials.

By understanding the differences between CMYK and RGB colour modes, you can ensure your designs are optimised for their intended medium, whether it's the vibrant glow of a digital screen or the crisp precision of a printed page.

Unlock the Power of Choice with Sesimi

With Sesimi's new CMYK and RGB colour mode options, the power is in your hands. Whether you're designing for digital or print, rest assured that your creations will make a lasting impression. Join us today and experience the freedom to create without limits.

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