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Branding Assets & Dimensions
Branding Assets & Dimensions

A comprehensive list of all the branding assets needed within Sessionboard to share with your communications team.

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NOTE: At this time, Sessionboard does not offer stylistic customization to fonts and font colors. The font "Proxima Nova" is used across the platform.

Event Details

Logo Image

300w x 300h

The logo image will be used within email communications, forms, and the portal login screen.

Background Image

1500 w x 500 h

The background image will be featured at the top of submission forms for speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors.

Portal Appearance

Within each portal (speaker, sponsor, and exhibitor), upload a different background image to customize and differentiate the look of each (NOTE: If a background image is not uploaded here, the system will use the background image that was provided within "Event Details").

Background Image

(collapsed on mobile view)

1500 w x 500 h

The background image is the image used within a portal.

Embed (Styled HTML)

Styled HTML embeds can be modified by specifying the named class of the component and desired CSS in the custom CSS field of the embed setup. It is strongly recommended that you engage a web developer or UI/UX designer for this purpose if you are unfamiliar with editing custom CSS.

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