You can sell your investments at any time. This may take up to 3 working days to settle and for the money to appear in your Sharesies Wallet. You may also sell for less than the amount you invested.

How to sell:

  • Select the investment you'd like to sell in your Portfolio
  • Scroll down to the Sell button
  • Choose the number of units you'd like to sell (you can enter a fractional amount, for example, 8.25 shares)
  • Then select Sell shares

How the selling process works:

Once you've selected something you'd like to sell, we place an order. This happens around 12:30pm each working day. This is when the unit price will get locked in for the ETFs.

With the Pathfinder and AMP Capital investments, these are managed funds and follow the global T+2 investment standard. Meaning that the price is confirmed two days after we place your order. The NZ Core fund follows T+1.

Sharesies will sell the number of units you've ordered to sell, and the money will go into your Sharesies Wallet ready to be withdrawn, or reinvested into a fund of your choice.

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