How do I create a new auto-invest order?

We show you how to create a new auto-invest order in our Help Centre.

Can I set up an auto-invest for US shares?

No. At this stage, US shares can’t be part of your auto-invest order.

Can I have more than one auto-invest order set up?

You can only have one auto-invest order set up at one time. If you already have an auto-invest order set up, you will need to delete it before you can set up another one.

If you wish to choose your own funds to include for your auto-invest order, you can build a DIY order and include as many funds as you please!

Can I create an auto-invest order with companies?

No. At the moment you can only create auto-invest orders with NZ funds. We may look at expanding auto-invest to include companies and US shares at some point in the future.

Can I choose a dollar amount to be invested in each fund as opposed to a percentage?

Currently you select the total amount for the auto-invest order, and choose the percentage of that total amount to go into each fund. At the moment, you can't select a dollar amount per fund.

Does the auto-invest order come out of my bank account, my card, or my Sharesies Wallet?

The money for your auto-invest comes out of your Sharesies Wallet. This means you’ll need to set up an automatic-payment from your bank account to land in your Sharesies Wallet before the auto-invest order goes out (this is around 12:30 PM on weekdays), on the frequency you’ve set.

What does high growth mean? What sort of percentage returns might I expect to see?

High growth looks at a long-term investment timeframe. At least 90% of the funds in this order are of medium or higher risk funds. This order suits a high-growth investor looking to invest for at least 5-10 years who can accept their Portfolio will move up and down in value regularly. We can’t guarantee any percentage returns as we cannot predict what the market might do! Here’s a Help Centre article on how we created these orders.

Do you have any lower-risk auto-invest orders?

We don’t currently have any pre-made auto-invest orders that are deemed low-risk. You can, however, create your own DIY order to fit your own risk appetite. Here’s how to make your own DIY order from our Help Centre.

Can I set up a stop-date for the auto-invest order I create?

Currently you can’t set up a stop-date for an auto-invest order. You can pause or cancel your auto-invest order at any time—here’s how from our Help Centre.

What happens if my auto-invest order date falls on a public holiday or weekend?

As with our current buy and sell order process, the auto-invest order will go through on the next trading day. For example, if it falls on a Saturday, the auto-invest order will be processed on the following Monday (provided that Monday is a trading day and not a public holiday).

What happens if I don’t have enough money in my Wallet for my auto-invest order?

If there isn’t enough money in your Wallet for the auto-invest order, the order will try again the following trading day. If there isn’t enough money in your Wallet on this trading day, the order will ‘skip’ until the next week/fortnight/four-weeks/month, depending on the frequency you’ve set for the order.

For example, an auto-invest order is set up for $50, weekly, on a Monday:

  • If there isn’t $50 in the Wallet on Monday, the auto-invest order will try again on Tuesday
  • If there isn’t $50 in the Wallet on Tuesday, the auto-invest order will skip until the following Monday (as this order was set up for ‘weekly’)

Don’t worry, we’ll email you to let you know that your auto-invest order has failed, and when we’ll try and process it again.

Is there a fee when an auto-invest order is skipped?

Nope! No fees for missing/skipping auto-invest orders at all!

How many times will an auto-invest order skip before it is cancelled?

We don’t automatically cancel auto-invest orders. You can pause or cancel them anytime. Here’s our Help Centre article which shows how.

Can I edit the percentages in pre-made orders (e.g. Responsible order, Global order or Kids order)?

The percentage allocations in these pre-made orders cannot be edited, though you can edit the amount and frequency you invest in them. If you wish to alter the percentages, you can build your own DIY order exactly how you please!

How do I edit the percentages in a DIY order?

To do this, you can select the percentages in the ‘What percentage in each fund?’ screen. Here’s the Help Centre article which shows you how to do this!

How do I see how my auto-invest order is tracking compared to the rest of my investments?

Once an auto-invest order has been completed and settled, the funds will show along with any other investments in your Portfolio. In your Portfolio, you can’t see how your auto-invest order is performing by itself, as it is blended with any other funds you've invested in.

How do I view the dollar amount going into each fund in my auto-invest order?

The amount going into each fund is allocated by a percentage. This percentage is pre-set for the Responsible order, Global order or Kids order. You allocate it yourself for a DIY order. We currently show the total amount for the order based on your frequency, and we show the amount going into each fund as a percentage.

In the fund pages, can I see if a fund I’ve invested in is part of an auto-invest order?

Any auto-invest order you have set up will show in your Portfolio page under ‘Your Investments’. You can click into the auto-invest order to see the breakdown of the funds it’s made from.

Why can’t I have more than one auto-invest order set up?

We’ve done this based on customer feedback, to keep things easy to track and edit. For this reason, we’ve allowed users to include any number of funds in an auto-invest order, and no maximum amount!

Can I have an auto-invest order for just one fund?

You sure can! You can have an auto-invest order for one fund, multiple funds, all the funds—fun! But only NZ shares, at this stage. You can do this by setting up a DIY order.

Is there a minimum and maximum amount you can invest for an auto-invest order?

The minimum amount for an auto-invest order is $5. There’s no maximum amount. This is different to investing in funds with a one-off buy-order, where there’s no minimum buy amount.

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