If you refer an Australian mate across the ditch (Aussie Mate) to the Sharesies platform and they complete sign up using the referral link we email you, we’ll give you AND your mate a $10 referral bonus (Aussie Referral Bonus)

  1. This Refer an Aussie Mate promotion is run by Sharesies AU Pty Limited and is governed by these Terms and Conditions. By sharing your email referral link, you agree to the Refer an Aussie Mate Terms and Conditions.

  2. The promotional period is between Thursday 18th August and Thursday 1st September (Promotional Period).

  3. To be eligible for the Aussie Referral Bonus you and your Aussie Mate must meet the following criteria:

    1. You will need to:

      1. Send your Aussie referral link that we email you to your Aussie Mate; and

    2. Your Aussie Mate will need to:

      1. Have never had Sharesies Account; and

      2. Click on your Aussie referral link; and

      3. Complete sign up to the Sharesies platform within the Promotion Period.

  4. If you and your Aussie Mate meet the above eligibility requirements, we’ll pay a $10 Referral Bonus into your Sharesies Wallet, and into your Aussie Mate’s Wallet, in accordance with these terms.

  5. The Referral Bonus will be credited to a Sharesies Wallet in the local currency of the Account owner. For example: If a New Zealand resident investor refers an Aussie Mate, the New Zealand resident investor will receive an Aussie Referral Bonus of $10 NZD and their referred Aussie Mate will receive an Aussie Referral Bonus of $10 AUD.

  6. The Referral Bonus must be used to make Investments.

  7. The Referral Bonus applies once per Aussie Mate; for example, it doesn’t apply multiple times if your mate opens multiple Accounts using a referral link.

  8. You won’t be able to see which of your referred Aussie Mates have signed up to the Sharesies platform.

  9. The Aussies Referral Bonus is funded by Sharesies AU Pty Limited.

  10. A Referral Bonus may take up to 10 business days to land in a Sharesies Wallet.

  11. Sharesies can choose not to award the Referral Bonus if we suspect that you are abusing the Refer an Aussie Mate Promotion or the Referral Bonus or are otherwise in breach of these terms.

  12. You agree not to engage in any activity that may be considered fraudulent, invasive or spammy.

  13. The Referral Bonus may not apply in conjunction with other promotional offers from Sharesies AU Pty Limited.

  14. If for some reason, we cannot pay the ‘Referral Bonus’ as planned, we aren’t liable to you or anyone else.

  15. In the event of a dispute, we’ll aim to resolve the dispute. Our decision will be final.

  16. Sharesies AU Pty Limited reserves the right to suspend, change or cancel the Refer an Aussie Mater Promotion or these terms at any time without notice.

  17. The Refer an Aussie Mate Promotion is governed by New Zealand law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.

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