At Sharesies, you can invest in ETFs (exchange-traded funds), managed funds, companies, or all of the above! We’ll continue to grow the range of investment options as we go, so if there’s anything you want to be able to invest in through Sharesies, let us know!

Here’s some info about the different investment options on Sharesies:


When you invest in a company, you’re picking a specific company you want to buy shares in. All the money you invest at any one time gets invested into that specific company, and buys you a portion of ownership into that company.

You can see the full list of companies you can invest in through Sharesies here.

ETFs (exchange-traded funds)

An ETF is a fund you can invest in that is made of a group of companies, or sometimes even other funds. These companies are normally selected by a group of rules. ETFs are traded on a stock exchange (it’s in the name!). They just trade like shares on the stock exchange!

You can see the full list of ETFs you can invest in through Sharesies here.

Managed funds

You can invest in a managed fund through Sharesies. When you invest in a managed fund, you join a pool of people and spread your investment across a range of things. This is managed by a fund manager, who picks what companies make up the fund, and all the buying or selling goes through them. 

For info on the difference between a fund and a company, check out this article.
For a bit of information on the tax differences between these investments, check out this article.

You can see the full list of managed funds you can invest in through Sharesies here.
You can see more info about the companies which make up each fund here.

Before you invest... 

It's important to consider your investment objectives and read each fund’s product disclosure statement (PDS) carefully. It contains the fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and other information which should be considered carefully before investing. 

A PDS for each of the funds available on the platform is on the Sharesies website and platform. The issuer of each of the funds is named in the PDS and the Sharesies website. 


The info on here, the Sharesies website, and platform, is just a snapshot. It is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any investments available on the platform or an opinion on any of those things. We try hard to fairly and accurately display the info from the fund’s relevant PDS. We don’t, however, take responsibility for any product information provided by issuers. We also don’t make any promises as to the accuracy or completeness of the info, so for full disclosure, read the relevant PDS before investing! 

There is also other useful info about each fund on See more instructions on this here. If you’re unsure how suitable an investment is for you, you should get financial advice tailored to you before you invest. 

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