Sharesies annual subscription

We charge an annual subscription of $30 which allows you to buy & sell any investments available on the platform at any time. 

You can pay this by Credit or Debit card, and will be done during the sign-up process.

Management fees

Any management fees are charged by the fund manager, not Sharesies, and are included in the unit price.

This is a set percentage and is different for each fund. For the funds we currently have available on Sharesies these are:

  • NZ Top 50 (FNZ): 0.50%
  • Australian Top 20 (OZY): 0.60%
  • US 500 (USF): 0.35%
  • NZ Bond (NZB): 0.54%
  • NZ Property (NPF): 0.54%
  • Australian Resources (ASR): 0.54%

More info can also be found in the product disclosure statement - page 16. 

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