We will continue to grow the range of investments available on the platform. 

We'll be launching with a range of 6 Smartshares ETFS. Most of these are Index Funds (excluding the NZ Bond Fund) - which mean you don't own shares in one company but units in a fund that's made up in a range of them.

The Investments available are: 

NZ Top 50 - Balanced

Own a piece of the 50 largest companies listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX). At 28 April 2017 this included companies like, Spark NZ Ltd, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Ltd, and Auckland International Airport Ltd. 

Australian Top 20 (OZY) - Growth

The top 20 companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). This includes companies like: ANZ bank, Woolworths, and Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

US 500 (USF) - Growth

Invest in the top 500 companies in the United States. This includes companies like Apple, Alphabet, amazon.com, and Facebook. This index is managed by Vanguard (one of the world's largest investment firms).

NZ Bond (NZB) - Conservative

Invest in a fund with a broad range of deposits or bonds, including some which are issued or guaranteed by the New Zealand Government. A bond is a loan typically made by investors to corporations or governments. The NZ Bond Fund is actively managed.

NZ Property (NPF)  - Balanced

Get on the property ladder… but in a bit of a different way. The NZ Property Fund invests in property listed on NZX. Examples include Kiwi Properties Group Limited, and Argosy Property.

Australian Resources (ASR) - Growth

Your investment will be spread across the top 200 companies in the resources sector that are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). This includes companies in Energy, Metals and Mining sectors.

To see a full list of companies involved in each fund, click on the links below. If you scroll to 'Recent Announcements' you will be able to access regularly updated lists of those companies:

NZ Top 50 - https://www.nzx.com/markets/NZSX/securities/FNZ
Australian Top 20 - https://www.nzx.com/markets/NZSX/securities/OZY
US 500 - https://www.nzx.com/companies/USF
NZ Bond - https://www.nzx.com/markets/NZSX/securities/NZB
NZ Property - https://www.nzx.com/companies/NPF
Australian Resources - https://www.nzx.com/markets/NZSX/securities/ASR

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