We’ve added the All Country Global Shares Index Fund (AIF PI) to Sharesies! This fund is managed by AMP Capital, who manage over $200 billion in funds globally (including $21 billion for Kiwi investors!).

AMP Capital Global Shares invests in over 2000 companies around the world, including household names like Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Coca Cola, Visa, Apple and Boeing. The fund includes companies of all shapes and sizes, from different sectors across developing and emerging markets. It excludes tobacco companies and controversial weapons, such as nuclear weapons, cluster bombs, and landmines.

As a passively-managed fund, AMP Capital Global Shares aims to replicate the performance of the MSCI All Country World ex Tobacco Index as closely as possible. 69% of the fund is ‘hedged’ to help protect from any wild fluctuations in the Kiwi dollar, which can influence overall portfolio returns when they are converted from international currencies. 

By including companies from around the world, AMP Capital Global Shares gives you exposure to international markets and the chance to build an even more diversified portfolio. By spreading your risk globally, you can make sure that if one currency dips, you won’t feel the effects as much as you would if all your investments were riding on one country.

Check out the top holdings and latest fund update here.

Before investing, make sure you read the product disclosure statement.

For more info, email help@sharesies.co.nz

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