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How should I start my project?
How should I start my project?
Written by Matt Lombardi
Updated over a week ago

Find out how to hit the ground running when your proposal is accepted.

First, when you submit a proposal, make sure that you are watching the email connected to Share so you see if your proposal is accepted. Show the organization you are on the ball by reaching out within 24 hours of getting the job.
Second, send a message on Share to the organization. Saying “thank you” is a great way to get started, so you can drop a quick message to your organization thanking them for the project and telling them what your next step will be. Include in your first message to the organization any time tables or deadlines they should be aware of. Let them know when they should expect to hear from you next and what they should provide you with to get started on their project.

Third, rock on, dude. You got this!

In the event that you don’t got this or if you run into any issues with your project that you cannot resolve with the organization, reach out to our Customer Success Team.

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