Success begins when you first post your project. The more you know about what you want when you post your project, the better. If you are not sure about something, say so. If you want the Creative to give their input as part of their work, let them know in your project post.

Make sure that deadlines, deliverables and communication expectations are clearly outlined. Let them know how often you’ll want updates on the project and how you’ll expect to receive them.

Once you decide who you want to work with, ask what they will need to get the project started. If it’s necessary, book a time to speak with them via phone or Zoom. Get them the information or assets they request as soon as possible so they can get started.

Organizations often underestimate how long it will take a Creative to complete a project, especially if the Creative doesn’t have enough information to accurately scope the project. You can avoid this by asking Creatives to include an estimate on how long they think the project will take to complete in their proposals when you post the project. After you decide who you want to work with, we recommend having a conversation with them about when and how you expect to receive project updates.

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