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How should I communicate with my Creative?
How should I communicate with my Creative?

Learn how to set expectations and communicate effectively.

Written by Shelby Sturgill
Updated over a week ago

Effective communication is key when working with any member of your team, but especially when working with a freelance Creative. You are contracting an expert in their field to produce a piece of work tailor-made for you, so it’s essential that they understand what you want.
You can communicate with your Creative however is easiest for you. If you use Share messages to communicate, you will receive an email whenever you get a new message. As of July 2021, the mobile platform is not ready to roll out, but rest assured - mobile is coming soon.

Make sure that deadlines, deliverables and communication expectations are clearly outlined. Let them know how often you’ll want updates on the project and how you’ll expect to receive them. Ask what they will need to get the project started. If it’s necessary, book a time to speak with them via phone or Zoom. Get them the information or assets they request as soon as possible so they can get started.

After you decide who you want to work with, we recommend having a conversation with them about when and how you expect to receive project updates.

Remember that the Creative you work with wants to do a good job. Give them the benefit of the doubt if there is a miscommunication and do your best to clarify things that you are unsure of. When in doubt, reach out to our Customer Success Team with any issues.

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