Let's imagine our Example Company has equipment for a climbing wall that needs to be regularly checked for wear. The old paper-based check was run monthly by one or two staff members who checked each piece of equipment against a list and recorded any issues. The check should be performed no later than the First of each month, but may be done at any time in the preceding week.

To recreate this process in Sheep we need to first create the Schedule

  • Name: Climbing
  • Frequency: Every 1 month i.e. enter '1' under every and 'month' under frequency
  • Baseline: 1 Jan 2015 (this could have been 1 Nov 2015. When the Schedule is first created Sheep calculates the next Due date. Using Jan helps to keep baselines simple)
  • Grace period: 7 (days prior that the checks can be performed)
  • Frequency Type: Baseline

In the Description field we can write details pertaining to what the checks should entail.

Once we have completed all the details, we can leave Edit mode by clicking the pencil icon and view our new Schedule:

Once we have added some Assets, we'll be ready to go.

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