Having set up a Schedule, we are now ready to add our first Assets.

Continuing with our example of a regular schedule for checking climbing equipment, we will add some harnesses to our Climbing schedule. Let's add 10 climbing harnesses.

We fill in the New Asset form as follows:

  • Asset name: Harness (singular)
  • Asset ID: CH
  • Category: Climbing
  • Subcategory: Harnesses
  • Schedules: Climbing
  • Quantity: 10
  • Create Multiple: checked (we want to create 10 individual rope records, as they are checked separately)
  • Introduction Date: Leave as default (today) 

Then hit Create Asset. Now when we look at the Status & Inventory page, we can see our new Assets:

Notes: Categories and Subcategories are free text fields, but will auto-suggest previously used values to ensure consistency

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