1. Adhoc Email

This is when you want to send a note to a group of people using your regular email client.

This is the simplest and most flexible method. It is not suitable for large numbers of recipients. (Steps 2 & 3 of this method will be replaced in a future version of Sheep)

2. Template Email

  • write your template
  • choose the recipient
  • select what the email is regarding (e.g. a particular ticket, membership, donation etc)
  • personalise (optional)
  • send

see Template Tips for details about what dynamic fields you can use in your template

3. Automated Email

You have a template message with some variable elements that you want to send in response to a trigger. The email content is fixed and can't be edited on a case-by-case basis.

  • write your template see 2. Template Email
  • define the trigger events (these are then written into the software)

(automation pack required)

4. Email Campaign (MailChimp)

For sending a one-off template message to large numbers of people.

  • Create new campaign in MailChimp
  • Build the recipient list using data pushed from Sheep
  • Send

MailChimp Campaign

Sheep is synchronised with MailChimp and any tags assigned in Sheep are available in Mailchimp. The synchronisation is automatic (3-4 times a day).

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