Mail Merge is an much loved/hated feature of Microsoft Office. However it remains one of the few ways to produce personalised print material.

Admin or Staff permissions are required.

Export your data as an XSLX file

  1. Navigate to the directory view
  2. Apply the filters that you require
  3. Check the results match your expectation
  4. Click the green download icon at the top right of the directory

(If you have families / household then use the "additional family member" tag to exclude family members and just send one per house.)

Mail Merge

(instructions may vary depending on your version of Word)

  1. Open your mail merge template
  2. From the Mailings menu pick 'Select Recipients'
  3. Choose 'Use an existing list'
  4. (Word may ask about an Excel workbook convertor - click OK)
  5. Choose the entire workbook if prompted
  6. The available fields will be populated in the "Insert Merge Field" dropdown
  7. Add fields as required
  8. Click preview results to verify

Want more filter options?

The blue button at the top right of the directory is an advanced filter view. If you want a filter that isn't available please contact

Want more fields included in the export?

Please contact and we can configure your export to include more fields. Sorry this isn't yet available as self service

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