Once you are storing information in Sheep, you may wish to export it for use in another application.

Sheep offers several ways to export the data you need:

Standard Export

From any directory view, click the green Download button to download the most commonly used fields.

Full Export

Alternatively, if you are needing access to more uncommon fields, for example to modify a large number of records before reimporting into Sheep, head to the Advanced Directory page.

Build your search using the Advanced Filters, then select Export from the options.

The first button will export the standard fields as above. The second button will export all fields Sheep has stored (note there will be no formatting applied to this export)

Custom Export

If you know which fields you will need, you can use the final export button:

Any field from the data can be selected with the checkboxes, and also dragged to reorder the list.

Note: this mini video is from an earlier version of Sheep. The steps are broadly the same but it won't look the same.

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