Equipment checks are a powerful feature of Sheep, allowing you to manage regular tasks and keep track of equipment use, problems and repair. This article is a guide to getting your first check ready to run.

First, make sure equipment checks are enabled for your flock. You should see this button on your dashboard:

Click to view the Equipment Checks dashboard. From here you can manage your checks.


Sheep uses two resources to manage your equipment: Schedules and Assets. First add a new Schedule to Sheep:

Fill in the form according to the notes, paying particular attention to the baseline, frequency and grace period. These together will determine when a check is due for a given asset.

You can create as many Schedules as you need. These can be used to group assets together. Any number of assets can be part of any Schedule, and any number of Schedules can apply to a single asset, giving you complete control of your equipment checks.

Worked example


Now we can add a new Asset (or group of assets) to Sheep:

Here we record the details of the asset in question, and which schedules is will be checked on. Again, fill in the form according to the notes. If you are creating several similar assets, you may want to make use of the 'Create multiple' option. The options above will create seven records (Climbing Rope 1, Climbing Rope 2, etc.) with seven asset IDs (CR01, CR02, etc.)

Worked example

Once your schedules and assets are set up, you are ready to perform the checks.

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